Red Sausages

Great for a quick and easy meal that is super cheap

Blokes in the kitchen are sexy!

Did you know that, not only are REAL Blokes Sexy (it’s in our nature), we get even sexier when we step into the Kitchen.

Stand aside ladies!

Here comes the cookbook that will instantly turn your Bloke from HOT to BOILING. It is the Only cookbook that will transfer your Man into a Kitchen King. You will see him transform. Skills that your new-found Sexy Bloke will learn include, simply boiling an egg (yes, we cater to all skill levels) right through to cooking for your next fancy dinner party.

Get him out of his Man Cave and into Your Kitchen.


Pay Attention.

Ladies like a Bloke who takes charge…as well as one that takes over the stove, the BBQ, the microwave, the oven…